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The late Dr. Nolly Zaloumis

Nolly ZaloumisThe late Dr. Nolly Zaloumis was a family man, a professional in his chosen field and an avid wilderness person with a deep concern for protected areas, conservation, people and wildlife. He had the good fortune to spend his early years in Southern Zambia, where he experienced some of the wildest places in Africa and developed his love of wilderness. He served on many committees and boards giving much of his time and energy to the positions he held during his working lifetime. He served on the boards of three wildlife organizations as well as the Oceanographic Research Institute.

Dr. Ian Player

Ian PlayerDr Ian Player has a distinguished career both in the formal and private conservation sectors. He has always seen that people must be brought into the conservation arena if protected areas, including wilderness areas and wildlife, are to survive. Together with his colleague and mentor, Magqubu Ntombela, he has brought people from all walks of life and parts of the world together to experience how wilderness and conservation of our natural resources are an integral part of living.

Dr. Bill Bainbridge

Bill BainbridgeDr Bainbridge is a professional nature conservationist and a resource planner. He has served in a professional capacity in three nature conservation agencies, in Zambia and KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. His last post prior to retirement was Head of Planning of the Natal Parks Board. He has been involved with the administration and management of some of the most important protected areas in Southern Africa including the Luangwa complex, and the Kafue National Park in Zambia. It was in these and other areas in Zambia, such as the Gwembe Valley in southern Zambia, prior to its inundation by Lake Kariba, that he experienced African wilderness in its most pristine form.

Dr. Frank Raimondo
Frank RaimondoDr Raimondo is a retired Director of Companies. He is married to Ida and has four children of whom three are involved in conservation work. He holds positions as Trustee of the Wilderness Leadership School and of World Wildlife Fund (SA), a Founding Director of the Wilderness Action Group and Director of the Peace Parks Foundation. As a member of the Raimondo Foundation, Dr Raimondo has been material in sourcing significant financial support for conservation projects.

He spends most of his time involved with conservation work and travel which is his hobby. He has attended a number of the World Wilderness Congresses.

Prof Peter Glavovic
Adolf Flockemann