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About The Wilderness Action Group

Mission Statement

To promote and advocate wilderness throughout southern Africa and elsewhere.


To foster enduring wilderness for its value to present and future generations.


The wilderness action group will carry out its vision, mission and activities in an ethical, credible and effective manner as experts, advisors, facilitators, trainers and leaders in the sector.

The Group

The Wilderness Action Group is a small, voluntary, non-profit, non-government organization (NGO). It is based in KwaZulu-Natal, South African. It was constituted in 1989 as a Section 21 company of the South African Companies Act. A Memorandum and Articles of Association govern the business and activities of the Group.

It was founded by a small group of South Africans, who attended the 3rd. World Wilderness Congress in Scotland in 1983, and became the Group's first Directors. The Group's membership has grown and now comprises of directors and members from all walks of the southern African society and who are passionate about wilderness and its survival.


The Wilderness Action Group promotes wilderness conservation, both regionally and internationally. It strives to highlight the importance, the values and uniqueness of African wilderness and the need to protect it for present and future generations. It advocates that wilderness areas can and should be designated on public, communal and private land throughout southern Africa and further a field.

These aims are fulfilled through its activities in advocacy, technical planning and management advice, education and training, the delivering lectures, talks and papers by the directors and members at congresses, symposia and seminars, publishing material in journals and the media and developing working partnerships with individuals and organizations with similar objectives.